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5 Simple Ways to Stop Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can destroy every aspect of your life. Your health, relationships, job, and your overall happiness can be affected. Constant panic attacks perpetuate into an anxiety disorder, where the fear of another panic attack begins to take over your life. But it doesn't have to be like this.....

Stop Panic Attacks with Panic Away There are proven methods to naturally deal with anxiety, which if followed, dramatically help stop panic attacks before they even begin. It takes practice and dedication but you will see improvements in the end.

The five methods listed below are proven ways to stop panic attacks:

1. Deep Breathing
2. Regular Exercise
3. Cut Out "Panic" Foods
4. Positive Thinking & Focus
5. Meditation
6. Keep a Journal

There are a number of ways that the harshness of a panic attack can be decreased. To do this, take slow deep breaths and relax - calm your mind and alter your focus to more empowering memories. Practice this breathing technique when you're not experiencing a panic attack so you can do it well when you need to stop panic attacks.

You should also exercise regularly if you are prone to anxiety. Exercising helps reduce your levels of adrenaline and keeps them under control. Because anxiety boosts the adrenaline inside the body, exercise will help reduce it. Low levels of adrenaline help you keep control of your thoughts and actions if you maintain regular exercise.

Reduce the intake of coffee/caffeine, energy drinks, soda/fizzy drinks, and fat loss stimulants. Ideally you should try to completely cut these out of your diet but this can be done gradually over time. A change in diet can be one of the simplest ways to stop a panic attack from ever occurring. 

It is also a good idea to focus on positive thoughts when you begin feeling anxious. In order to minimize the feelings of anxiety, you can think about the happier occasions in your life and think about the people who you love. Having a focus on happy and positive things in your life will help in reducing the onset of a panic attack.

Schedule some time to begin each day with some good positive empowering thoughts. Ideally spend 30 minutes each morning, but if you're pushed for time spend at least 10 minutes. Some of the things you can think about are: What are you grateful for in your life right now? What are the magic moments you have experienced in your life? Decide that the day ahead will be full of positivity and that you can handle whatever comes your way. Beginning each day in this way dramatically improves your chances of stopping any panic before it even starts.

This is one of the most powerful ways to help stop anxiety attacks. In your journal, write down what works and what doesn't work when you try different methods. Practice to do those things that work, even when you're not having a panic attack. Then, when a panic attack does strike you'll instantly be able to do what works for you.

Panic attacks are not easy to deal with but if you focus on positives and look after yourself mentally and physically, you can stop a panic attack from ever occurring. There is no single method to treat anxiety or stop panic attacks however as a starting point, try some of the methods mentioned in this article to help in the process.


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