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Do You Have Separation Anxiety Disorder?

Try The Linden Method - Click HereMillions of Americans deal with separation anxiety disorder every day and they spend a lot of money on treatments for their disorder. There is no one cause for separation anxiety because it depends on the person so it is not possible to effectively treat separation anxiety disorder unless you know what is causing your condition. In some instances, children who suffer from separation anxiety disorder had a traumatic experience that they can eventually get past or they just outgrow the condition. Some people have severe separation anxiety, though, that requires treatment for a lifetime.

What Causes Separation Anxiety Disorder?

Sometimes, separation anxiety disorder is the result of exposure to a new and unfamiliar situation. When this happens, it may take awhile for the person to figure out that the new situation he is in is what is causing his anxiety since he has not been in this situation before. If you have symptoms of a separation anxiety disorder, it is important to closely examine your surroundings and determine if the new situation is what is making you feel anxious and nervous.

A variety of situations can bring out the symptoms of your separation anxiety disorder and different people will have reactions to different situations. If you suffer from separation anxiety disorder, it is a good idea to make note of the situations you experience that do and do not cause you to have separation anxiety disorder symptoms. Also note what you are doing in the situation at the time. That will help you prepare yourself for situations that may cause you anxiety or avoid these situations if possible. It is possible to take separation anxiety medication that helps you prepare for a situation you know is going to make you anxious.

Medical Causes of Separation Anxiety Disorder

Sometimes, it is not possible to figure out what is really causing your separation anxiety disorder and your condition only seems to get worse over time. If this happens to you, it is important to to talk to your doctor about what is happening. It may be that your separation anxiety disorder is the result of an underlying medical condition that has to be treated. If you ignore your worsening separation anxiety disorder, it is only going to go downhill and your life will suffer.

Your doctor will want to do a full check up and talk to you about what you are experiencing. In most cases, after your doctor gives you a diagnosis, he will suggest you try a prescription medication. Most prescriptions used to treat separation anxiety disorder will not take full effect for a few days but once they start working, people with chronic separation anxiety disorder will find themselves feeling better and less anxious. Your doctor can then help you avoid future separation anxiety disorder flare ups by giving you ways to cope with the anxiety should it arise or avoiding the anxiety altogether.

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