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Panic Away Review - The Panic Away book

by Joe Barry Reviewed

Reviewer: David McCann
RATING:   5 Stars - Panic Away Review
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The Panic Away program claims to provide a natural technique to stop panic attacks and general anxiety fast and offers a way to get immediate anxiety relief.

This Panic Away review discusses the program and what it actually provides and will give you a better idea of whether it will work for you.

The Panic Away program consists of a book, video presentations, audio recordings and also unlimited one-to-one coaching via email. The product has been available online for more than 7 years!

Once you purchase the program, everything is immediately available for download so you can instantly begin to digest the materials.

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Why Do You Need Panic Away?

As mentioned in many Panic Away reviews online, living with panic attacks and anxiety is like carrying a fifty pound weight with you everywhere you go, without the advantage of toning you up or increasing your strength.

Instead panic and chronic anxiety do long term damage to your health, happiness, and well-being. They can promote high blood pressure and the associated heart disease, alter your sleep habits, interfere with your ability to perform your work, or even get work.

Your personal life is impacted, your family and friends put under stress right along with you, driven to distraction by the fear, depression that come with anxiety and panic attacks, and the emotional roller coaster ride of your behaviors. Panic and anxiety can even affect your ability to think clearly and make rational decisions.

Medical approaches to the pressure of such daily fears can be helpful and appropriate, but in many instances the medicines used to treat emotional conditions are not only unsuccessful in reducing the problem but add an entire layer of side effects, restrictions, and medical complications.

End the loop of anxiety with Panic Away. If you suffer from this disorder, you need to learn about PanicAway right now…

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PanicAway, a technique developed by Joe Barry, gives panic victims a way out of that long, burdened way of living. Panic Away (also known as the "Anxiety Release Method") is based on what is known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is used by many psychologists for treating anxiety. What makes Panic Away unique is its proprietary system known as the "One Move Technique".

The PanicAway One Move technique, uses natural disciplines quickly learned and easily applied to end panic attacks. More important the technique relieves victims of the fear of repeated panic attacks. Think of it: not only a way out of a panic attack, but the comfort of never having to fear being trapped in another.

Fear may come, and fear may go, but it will no longer be free to hold you prisoner or dominate your life and choices. Buy the PanicAway book, which can be found at, learn the techniques, and live your life in peace.

The Panic Away Program in Detail:

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The Panic Away book is broken down into the following sections:

  • Definition of Anxiety
  • Myths And Misinterpretation
  • The One Move Technique Explained
  • Applying the One Move Technique
  • General Anxiety
  • To Medicate or Not
  • Tapping into your Hidden Potential
  • Conclusion 

The book begins by defining anxiety and panic attacks and casts away all the myths and misinterpretations associated with the condition.

In the next major section of the book, Joe Barry explains and teaches the One Move technique, and how to apply it into your daily life. The three major phases explained in this section are trust, acceptance and persistence.

Various scenarios and real life case studies are described to help the reader become more familiar with how to perform "One Move" in different situations and environments. Some of these scenarios include how to use "One Move" whilst travelling on planes, trains, and automobiles! Without revealing too much about the One Move technique, it focuses on you demanding more of yourself and changing your focus about your anxiety and panic attacks.

In the next section of the book, Joe provides other general tips that will help you beat your anxiety and panic attacks. Topics discussed here include, exercise, diet, food, herbs and natural remedies for anxiety. There is also a section on the pros and cons for taking medication for anxiety and panic attacks.

The final part of the Panic Away book simply reassures you that anyone is capable of being free from anxiety attacks. Joe Barry was an extreme case himself, and he beat his anxiety and panic attacks with great success.

The two audios included with the Panic Away program are the 'One Move Live Audio' and the Driving Anxiety audio. 

In the One Move Live audio, Joe Barry himself guides you through a panic attack and shows you how to end it quickly using the One Move Technique taught in Panic Away. The Driving Anxiety audio guides you through quickly ending feeling anxious while you are driving.

The Panic Away video presentations teach the One Move technique described in the program. They run for 1hr and 45 minutes and are ideal for people who prefer watching video to learn.

Finally, unlimited one-to-one email coaching and support is also part of the Panic Away package, so if you have any set backs or need help in applying the One Move technique, you do have someone to turn to.

Panic Away Audio + Video


Overall, the Panic Away program is tremendous value for money. When you visit the site, there are hundreds of testimonials from people who have conquered their anxiety using Panic Away. Also if you do purchase, there is a risk-free 8 week money back guarantee, so if you feel it hasn't worked for you, you can claim a full refund.

If you could, wouldn’t you like to find a way to deal with your panic and fear naturally?

Our culture has become addicted to the hard-hitting medical fix, but in many instances a strong but gentle natural approach can do more, with less associated difficulty, less expense, fewer medical side effects, and with a greater level of personal control.

Instead of having to trust prescription drugs you can buy Panic Away. The Panic Away reviews and testimonials found online and on the company site give witness to the strength and effectiveness of the method Joe Barry worked out, and its ability to break the cycle of panic and fear.

If your life is fear free you cannot know what it is like to live enslaved by nerves, panic, and all the physical, emotional, social, and professional issues that come with anxiety problems. If you do live with the fear then you know what a safe escape would be worth to you.

Think about it, look at the PanicAway site and find your way to a safe, reliable way to end your fears forever.


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