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Understanding Different Types of Anxiety Disorder

Try The Linden Method - Click HereAnxiety is a good thing when we are in a threatening or dangerous situation because it helps us respond appropriately. Other times anxiety can be a problem when it happens for no reason and is caused by irrational fears that just won't go away. People who have these irrational fears and a lot of anxiety for no reason have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are triggered or caused by many different things depending on the person. The causes of an anxiety disorder need to be discovered so the right treatment can be recommended.

General anxiety disorder or GAD is one of the most diagnosed types of anxiety disorder conditions and is characterized by long lasting anxiety that is not based on any sort of rational fear or any threat to your well being. People with general anxiety disorder have a hard time explaining just what they are so worried abouts and fearful of. This type of anxiety disorder is found more often in women than in men. It can last for as long as six months or more and is characterized by symptoms that include dizziness, racing heart beat, terrible headaches, trouble sleeping, and other physical symptoms that can come on with little or no warning.

Other people have an anxiety disorder called a phobia, which is an irrational fear or a place, a thing or a situation not based on any real danger. Everyone has things they are afraid of but with a phobia, the fear is much more intense and felt very strongly. This type of anxiety disorder causes people to feel sick to their stomach, causes their heart to race and make them feel shaky and out of breath.

Post traumatic stress disorder is another common type of anxiety disorder that occurs after a person faces a very emotionally or physically dangerous, threatening or traumatic event in his life (e.g., accident, witnessing a crime, death of a loved one). People with this type of anxiety disorder have a sudden and severe reaction to a stimuli like a person, place or situation that reminds them of the traumatic event they went through and that brings on their post traumatic stress disorder.

There are many more types of anxiety disorder conditions that people have including obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD), panic attack disorders, social anxiety disorders and more.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder causes people to have thoughts and ideas in their head that they just cannot get rid of so they are forced to act on these thoughts over and over again. They simply are not able to get the fears, thoughts or ideas out of their mind.

People with a panic disorder often have panic attacks that come on very suddenly with little or warning.

People who suffer from social anxiety feel like they are the center of attention and everyone is staring at and talking about them.

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