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Recognizing an Anxiety Attack Symptom and Dealing With it Effectively

Treat Anxiety Naturally with Panic Away The more you know about what the anxiety attack symptoms that affect you are, the more capable you will be at recognizing them when they start so you can reduce the severity and length of your panic attacks in the future. Different people have different kinds of anxiety attack symptoms that show up in different ways but there are some common anxiety attack symptoms that happen to most people. The most commonly felt anxiety attack symptoms are a feeling of being unable to catch your breath, an increase in heart rate, and dizziness and lightheadedness.

If you learn to recognize when you are having an anxiety attack symptom, you can do what you need to do in order to stop the anxiety attack or at least reduce its severity. The calmer you are the better. Most people will have the initial anxiety attack symptom of an increased heart rate and a pounding heart that can almost feel like a heart attack. This can be a scary anxiety attack symptom that makes people fear that they will die.

Feeling out of breath is another anxiety attack symptom that affects many people. It can feel like you just can't breathe in deeply and you can't catch your breath. This can be very scary and can cause panic, which would only worsen the anxiety attack and make it more severe.


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People also often have the anxiety attack symptom of feeling light in the head and dizzy. It can feel like you are going to faint. This happens more often in a crowded room or at a crowded event where you start feeling trapped. Being in a crowd can cause panic and anxiety to set in because it can be so overwhelming.

People who have anxiety often have the anxiety attack symptom where they feel like they have no control over their thoughts and emotions. Add that to the heart pounding and increase in heart rate and the dizziness and you have a very frightening situation that leaves you feeling alone, helpless and frightened. That only makes your anxiety attack worse.

The thing you need to remember if you have had these symptoms is that there is help for you. You can learn to take control of your anxiety attack and stop your symptoms from escalating to a full blown anxiety attack. Not recognizing that you are having an anxiety attack symptom and not dealing with your symptoms as soon as they start can cause anxiety, which makes the anxiety attack worse and causes more anxiety. It can be a cycle that is hard to stop.

The first thing you need to do if you want to really learn how to manage your anxiety and how to stop anxiety attacks before they start is to recognize when you are having an anxiety attack symptom. There are a lot of possible anxiety attack symptoms and no one person has the same symptoms. You should educate yourself about your anxiety disorder including what causes it, what triggers your anxiety and what you can do to stop anxiety attack or reduce the severity of your anxiety attacks so they don't get out of control.

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