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Information on Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder

Try The Linden Method - Click HereAdult separation anxiety disorder is not one of the most diagnosed anxiety disorders but it is very damaging to people who do have the condition. With adult separation anxiety disorder, a person gets very anxious when he is in new and unfamiliar situations or meet new people. Anyone can be affected by this condition. It can sometimes lead to a chronic condition affecting people for a long time, causing a great deal of stress in their lives. It is not a common disorder but you may be surprised to learn that one of your friends or family members could very well have adult separation anxiety disorder.

What Causes Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder?

Adult separation anxiety occurs when someone becomes nervous and anxious in unfamiliar situations and when he is away from friends and family members. The anxiety puts stress on the person's mind and body and causes symptoms to appear as a result of this anxiety and stress. If this condition goes untreated for a long time, a person may try to cope with the anxiety by engaging in behaviors that are not healthy like not going anywhere by himself or simply staying home to avoid anxiety. The more that a person does this, the more it becomes a habit and he is unable to live a normal, healthy life.

The symptoms of adult separation anxiety disorder differ in the different stages of the disorder. In the beginning stages, a person becomes irritated and annoyed when he has to deal with a new situation or new people. As time goes on, he becomes frightened when he is not in a familiar situation with people he knows for any length of time; he does not want to be alone in these situations. There is no rhyme or reason as to who develops adult separation anxiety disorder because it affects both young and old. However, the term, "adult separation anxiety disorder" is applied to a person who is over 18 years old with the condition.

Who Can Get Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder?

No one is really more or less likely to develop adult separation anxiety disorder than anyone else and even if you develop the disorder, your experience will be very different than what someone else goes through in how severe it is and how long it lasts. The elderly are slightly more likely to develop adult separation anxiety due to the connection between the disorder and late adulthood but it also affects many young people who have, in most cases, a more severe case of adult separation anxiety disorder that is harder to recover from.

There are a lot of natural anxiety treatment options for adult separation anxiety disorder and if treatment is obtained early on in the disorder, there is a better chance that they will recover and not end up with a more severe case of the disorder.


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